REPORTING A MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN CLAIM 1. Take immediate action to prevent further damage to the vehicle. 2. Return the vehicle to us before the warranty term expires. If you are more than 50 miles from us, you may take the vehicle to the nearest available licensed repair facility. Call or have the repair facility call the administrator at 1-800- 579-2233 to obtain prior authorization for repairs. Provide a copy of this warranty or the warranty number, if possible. 3. You will be required to authorize disassembly of the vehicle if disassembly is necessary to diagnose the cause and cost of the reported mechanical breakdown. You will be responsible for any disassembly charges if the associated repairs are not covered repairs. 4. If requested, provide us or the authorized repair facility with copies of the vehicle’s maintenance records. 5. All repairs must be authorized by the administrator prior to beginning any repairs covered by this Warranty. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES You have the responsibility to properly maintain the vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer, to reasonably protect the vehicle from further damage when one or more parts fail, to maintain records of routine vehicle maintenance performed by you or others, to follow the procedures for reporting a claim for benefits as described in this warranty, and to cooperate fully with our reasonable requests to examine vehicle maintenance records, inspect the vehicle, or establish ownership of the vehicle in the event you report a claim for benefits. Maintenance records generally include a detailed log of maintenance you perform and receipts for purchases of services provided by others and parts and supplies used by you or others in performing maintenance services. You must obtain preauthorization for any repairs made to the vehicle by a repair facility other than ours.