b'I never thought engineering was an option for me due to it being a male dominated industry. Only through my research did I discover how wrong I was, and how many opportunities are available. I realised that University was not the only option into a career in engineering and that a Degree Apprenticeship was the right option for me as I loved working and learning on the job. I was offered a position as a CE&I Design Engineer Degree Apprentice at Sellafield and havent looked back since. It has been the best opportunity and I am grateful to be doing something that I am passionate about.The Engineering Horizons Bursary has helped me to invest in Electrical and Electronic books. It helped to pay for extra training courses for continued professional development, commuting cost and a laptop so that I can study outside of work. The Bursary helps me to solely focus on Simone Wilson successfully completing my Apprenticeship without any financial pressure and worry. My Degree Apprenticeship is a five-year scheme, ending in June 2022. I will graduate debt free and with five years experience working as a CE&I Design Engineer in the Nuclear Industry.Throughout the course I have the opportunity to rotate around the business on different work placements, this ensures I get a broad experience in each specialist area of CE&I Degree Apprentice Sellafield engineering, so by the end I will have experience BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineeringin multiple areas opening up more opportunities. University of Central Lancashire Pre-Covid, I was working full time in the office IET Engineering Horizons Bursary'