b"These awards make a differencenot just financiallybut through the networking and industry experience that they bring.Moving from home on an apprentice The scholarship has allowed me to pursuesalary is certainly not an easy task. I extracurricular activities and encouragedwas considering switching choices as me to give back to the community.it became unsustainable to continue Both of these things helped develop myworking, paying for travel and rent. The passion for engineering and the desirebursary covered all the travel needed for to complete a doctorate degree that isthe year, which took a lot of weight off focused on using engineering to make amy shoulders.difference to people's lives.Katriya, Development Engineer. IET Sophie, studying for a PhD. DiamondEngineering Horizons Bursary supported Jubilee Scholarship supported by the Royalby Exilarchs FoundationCommission for the Exhibition of 1851The support and networking opportunities The award gave me confidence to continueprovided by the IET gave me more into an Engineering career, rather thanconfidence to apply for higher proficiency pursuing a business career path, or somejobs and also encouraged me to chase other path unrelated to my studies. Mymy initial goals. I am very grateful that internship with BT gave me insight intoI was awarded an IET bursary. I found the different components of the electronicthis experience a unique and valuable engineering industry and helped me achievement in my professional life whichchoose the direction for my further career. I am really proud of.David, Hardware Design Engineer. DiamondMehdi, Graduate Electrical Engineer. Jubilee Scholarship supported by BT IET Engineering Horizons Bursary*We received 535 total responses to the Graduate Survey from 654 recipients, or 82%."