b'IET Futures Fund|5Our FIRST LEGO League team distributed surplus kit for free to schools whilst they remained open during lockdown to vulnerable children and children of keyworkers. The activities were adapted and used in class across multiple age groups. Disadvantaged families have also been given kit.Lucy Owen (Discover Coordinator) and her son, 47 schools were given kitMyles leading the Six Brick Challenge.for FIRST LEGO League Discover, for 4-6-year olds. 104 schools were given kit for FIRST LEGO League Explore, for 6-9-year-olds. We delivered daily LEGO Six Brick Challenges on Facebook Live and YouTube, which attracted over 79,000 views. We also launched Explore and Discover @Home, enabling children aged 4-9 to engage in the programmes at home with their families. In 2020, we had 66 sign ups in total, with approximately 136 children participating. Thousands of disadvantaged children and young people do not have access to virtual learning opportunities. The catastrophic impact of this digital divide has been highlighted during the pandemic. The IET and partners have launched the Digital Poverty Alliance to tackle this long-term problem.'