b'6|IET Futures FundFaraday Challenge DaysWe rose to the challenge of school closures by taking this hands-on team activity online.Between January and March 2020:65 2,162 14% 52%days werestudents from 127were disadvantagedof participants heldschools took part schools were girlsNormally delivered in schools across the UK, in April 2020 we launched a virtual version of the Faraday Challenge for 7-15 year olds with our theme partner Airbus. The challenge remained the same, to design a product to support the delivery of humanitarian aid. This could be done at home individually, as a family or virtually as a group. Schools teaching children of keyworker and vulnerable children could also participate. Submissions were madeChallenge Leaders Keira and Phil deliver the brief for the online and reviewed by the Challenge Leaders. 2020 Virtual Faraday Challenge'