22 RATES Mono Colour Full Page £10,100 £10,700 Half Page £5,550 £6,150 Quarter Page £2,810 £3,410 SCC £111 + £600 SCC - Educational Roles £96 + £600 SCC - Courses £74 + £600 BOOKING AND COPY DEADLINE PUBLICATION DATE 8th January 16th January 5th February 13th February 5th March 13th March 9th April 17th April 14th May 22nd May 11th June 19th June 9th July 17th July 3rd September 11th September 1st October 9th October 5th November 13th November All roles placed in E&T Magazine are uploaded to our job board E&T Jobs for 30 days at no additional charge. E&T RATES & DEADLINES