b'Parts ListITEM QTY PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION1 2 DPP1110 copy2 2 LED STRIP UNCOATED 1M LED STRIP UNCOATED 150W/M3 2 LED5004 SKYLIGHT REFLECTIVE JOINER 34mm4 1 LED9005-5 INSULATED PANEL SKYLIGHT (OPEN BOTH SIDES)5 1 LED9012-ADJUSTED FOR LAYOUTS CORRO OUTER SKYLIGHT6 2 LED9014 LENS STEEL PANEL7 10 TEK SCREW 10-16 X16 TEK SCREW (SDS) 10-16x16735 31 246*[P]LED1006[/P]* DeltaOrb SKYLIGHT 12/06/2019Description Date:LED1006 Delta Panels reserves the right at any time to supply goods with minorDesigned bymodifications from its drawings and from its specifications as it sees fit. DPDrawing No. Rev: SheetCOPYRIGHT RESERVED Email: info@deltapanels.com LED1006 B 13'