b'Journaling for Your HealthA pen, some paper, your hand, and your brain. Who would have thought that this quartet could yield some serious benefits to your health? Journaling has been around for over a thousand years. Studies show that writing engages your left brain in analytical and rational thinking, leaving your right brain free to feel, perceive, intuit, and access your subconscious. Health Tip of the Week So, bearing in mind that this information is not a substitute for medical advice from a licensed health care provider, how could this process help you?It calms your mind. When youre stressed and cant work out how youre feeling, writing your thoughts in a stream-of-consciousness style may help you determine your stressors, find solutions, and resolve conflicts.You get to know yourself. Once you begin examining your inner thoughts, youll have a better barometer of who you are.Be a better problem solver. Allowing your right brain to have some leeway can help you find creative solutions that your left brain may not have been unable to concoct on its own. Given the stress weve all experienced over the past several weeks, a journal could be a great tool to have in your wellness toolbox. Tip adapted from PsychCentral.com The Social MediaBuzzDFGspost of the weekCheck out whats new with DFGdfgprivateclient.com'