b"June is Men's Health WeekJune 1, marks the first day of Mens Health Month. This health initiative was created by a Congressional health education program in 1994, to further awareness of the importance of early intervention and prevention of common diseases that can affect men during all stages of life. Just keep in mind: a conversation with your doctor is always the best way to address Health Tip of the Week any health concerns you may have; this tip isnt a substitute for medical advice. Throughout the month, community outreach events, like health fairs, screenings, and educational seminars, bring awareness to concerns like prostate cancer, heart disease, and hypertension, among others. Information about healthy living, exercise, diet, smoking cessation, and other general wellness tips may be shared as well. Look out for mens health activities and functions in your area. You might just learn something new!The Social MediaBuzzDFGspost of the weekCheck out whats new with DFGdfgprivateclient.com"