a publication of Lunches for Learning, Inc. INROADS Summer 2016 Bringing hope to Honduras … … one lunch at a time Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America. The country’s population is essentially evenly-divided between urban and rural populations. However, poverty is much more prevalent in the rural areas with as many as 70% of the population in rural areas living in extreme poverty - earning less than $2 per day. This is particularly true in the western region of the country, including the Valle district in southwest Honduras. Residents of the Valle district are particularly susceptible to the effects of poverty. While 28% of Honduras is agricultural land, and 38% of the population is em- ployed in the agricultural sector, the terrain in the Valle district is mountainous. Over time, this terrain has seen significant ero- sion. As a result, agricultural pro- ductivity has decreased signifi- cantly. Much of the agricultural land in Honduras is utilized for the produc- tion of low-profit crops such as bananas, plantains, rice, maize and beans. In mountainous regions like Valle, where small-scale farmers produce basic grains, slopes are often steep and difficult to culti- vate. Sustainable farming simply is not possible there. In the midst of these challenges, hope endures. Lunches for Learning maintains a singular purpose - to break the cycle of poverty in rural Honduras by providing a nutritious and balanced lunch to children in public elemen- tary schools. And the best news is … it’s working! Education is the key to breaking this cycle of poverty. Students in Honduras who are able to remain in school and complete the sixth grade become literate and em- ployable in the local economy. When children are hungry, their families in these rural areas are faced with a choice. Their choice to either send their children to the streets, begging for money so they could buy food, or to send them to school for an education and hope for the future. It’s diffi- cult for anyone to learn on an empty stomach. When parents know their child will receive a nutritious meal at school, they make sure the child attends daily. With the help of our donors and sponsors, Lunches for Learning is now feeding more than 1,700 students in 29 different schools in the Valle district. These schools have seen an immediate and sustained increase in attendance. Their students are receiving a nutritious lunch at school, which means they are better able to focus, learn and excel. Consider this feedback recently received from one of our spon- sored schools, “... we are infi- nitely thankful for the creation of the Lunches for Learning Pro- gram, whose actions commit us to being more consistent with the education of the boys and girls of the community. We can say that GOD HAS BEEN GREAT TO US AND WE ARE SO HAPPY.” Additional schools in Valle are waiting - and hoping - to be added to the program and experi- ence this dramatic impact them- selves. We invite you to join us in making this hope a reality. A 501(C )(3) NON-PROFIT CORPORATION ESTABLISHED IN 2004 Breaking the Cycle of Poverty