MANUFACTURED BY: MOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC West Long Branch, NJ 07764 1-848-888-3060 MADE IN USA DESTROYS MUSTY ODORS KILLS MOLD & MILDEW This nontoxic, nonflammable and environmentally friendly formula kills odor-causing mold, bacteria, and foul smelling fungus at the source! Mold Monster eliminates odors and makes surfaces mold-free. No Bleach! Works on any material! Discover what Australia’s native people have known for thousands of years: Tea Tree Oil has many beneficial properties, including being one of nature’s strongest antiseptics! Use on fabric, canvas, nylon, plastic, foam, vinyl and more! 'JTIJOHHFBSt$BNQJOHHFBSt.JMJUBSZHFBSt'JFME4QPSUTHFBS #PBUTt37Tt$BNQFSTt"VUPT tDBOPQJFT tQBUJPGVSOJUVSF tBXOJOHT tVNCSFMMBT tGPPUXFBS tCBDLQBDLT tMVHHBHF tHFBSWFTUT tBVUPIFBEMJOFST tUSVOLT tDBSQFUT tVQIPMTUFSZ tUFOUT tTMFFQJOHCBHT tMJGFKBDLFUT tDPPMFST Part # 77717 $6.00 plus freight MSRP $14.99 Net Fill: 10 floz. Case Pack: 6 Packed in a tear-away top display tray Hockey Handz Part # 77816 Net Fill: 4 oz. Case Pack: 6 Packed in a tear-away top display tray $2.88 plus freight MSRP $8.99 'JTIZ)BOE[ eliminates odors on hands GSPNTXFBUZHMPWFT without rinsing or washing. NO WATER NEEDED! %PZPVS hands stink? Works great on stinky feet, too! Mold Monster™ Fishy Handz does not contain bleach or harmful chemicals.