MANUFACTURED BY: MOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC West Long Branch, NJ 07764 MADE IN USA Safe to use on any material: Fabric, plastic, foam, vinyl! NO BLEACH or harmful chemicals! made with natural TEATREE OIL Deodorizes and disinfects sweaty gear and sports equipment. Mold Monster works as an antiseptic encapsulating odor- causing mold, mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Kills foul smelling fungus at the source! • Non-toxic • Environmentally friendly • Antimicrobial Mold Monster eliminates odors and keeps equipment clean until the next workout. Case Pack: 6 Packed in a tear-away top display tray “Ibecamepartofthecompany becauseIbelieveinthiseffective, naturalproduct...Icansafelyuse MoldMonsterforkillingharmful bacteriaandsmellfrommykids’ andmyownhockeygearwithout chemicalslikebleach,ammonia oralcohol.Itworks!” Bryce Salvador, pro hockey player and NHL veteran NEW PRODUCT! ATTACKS ODORS, MOLD & MILDEW Great for smelly lockers, too! Discover what Australia’s native people have known for thousands of years: Tea Tree Oil has many beneficial properties, including being one of nature’s strongest antiseptics! Great on hard to clean sports gear: • hockey pads • gloves • skates • shin pads • helmets • gear bags HOCKEY HANDZ WATERLESS HANDWASH 4 oz. # 77779 8 46351 07777 9 Powerful essential oil formula of Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Peppermint Oil is gentle on skin, but tough on lingering odors on hands. MOLD MONSTER SPORT 10 oz. Part # 77700 UPC 8 46351 07770 0 MOLD MONSTER LAUNDRY DETERGENT 32 oz. for up to 32 LOADS Specially formulated laundry detergent with Tea Tree Oil eliminates odors on sports apparel caused by sweat!