a publication of Lunches for Learning, Inc. INROADS Fall 2018 Bringing hope to Honduras … … one lunch at a time We often hear feeback about how the L4L program has dramatically improved the lives of children in L4L-sponsored schools. We never grow tired of hearing these stories, but sometimes one particular story of a child’s transformation takes our breath away. During our Day-in-the-Life trip in June 2018, I had a powerful encounter. It was our first school visit on that Friday morning, and after hav- ing been in the classroom for about 20 minutes we began the process of wrapping-up the visit and heading toward the next school on our itinerary. Before we left, Principal Josselyn wanted to be sure we met one special student. She introduced us to 12-year-old Pedro. In October of 2017, Pedro’s mother brought him to the school in his wheelchair. At that point he had never spent a day of his life in school. Developmental challenges stemming from a high fever as a baby had left him physically unable to write, or walk, or even stand on his own. His mother had been unable to provide food for him for most of his life, so she brought him to the school asking if he could begin receiving lunch each day with the students in the school. She simply wanted him to survive, so Principal Josselyn welcomed Pedro into her class. Eight months later, in June of 2018, we visit the school and are introduced to Pedro. At Josselyn’s request, this boy who had spent most of his life in a wheel- chair – unable to even stand – stood-up, walked around his desk and shook my hand. After a life of chronic malnutrition, Pedro’s body – which had been abso- lutely starved for nutrition – was transformed. After eight months on the calen- dar, but only six months of daily school lunches, he is now walking, and running, playing with his friends and even taking quizzes and progressing academically. Daily physical therapy by Principal Josselyn has also played a role. As we were leaving, Pedro stepped out to ask Principal Josselyn a question about the math quiz he was taking that morning. He accidentally dropped his test paper, and Josselyn reached down to pick it up for him. We snapped a photo of the two of them standing there together … with Josselyn holding his test pa- per and Pedro gazing adoringly at the teacher who has taken him “under her wing”. Pedro’s life is completely changed now. His mother and his teacher credit his transformation to the nutri- tion received through Lunches for Learning. There is so much more to Pedro’s story, but he represents a stark reminder of the dramatic impact our sponsors and donors are having on the families in the communi- ties where L4L is present. We cannot thank you enough – on Pedro’s behalf – for the difference your generosity is making in these remote, rural Honduran communities. An Amazing Transformation By Phil Dodson