b'Au Noir creates sophisticated clothing for the modern man.Men who are confident in their success and dare to be bold. To express their personality through beautifully designed and extremely comfortable clothing.Our attention to detail, our passion for fit, fabric and our vision of cool, modern fashion designs are there to accompany them on their journey.Founded in 2009, Au Noir is a Montreal-based company specializing in the wholesale and retail of high-end menswear. Over the years, in addition to shirts, Au Noir has been known for its unique polo shirts and original jackets, and more recently for our stretch trousers.Several distinctive elements make an Au Noir shirt an Au Noir shirt. Our cut, sophisticated fabrics and design details, quality and service make us a trusted brand.Our signature embroidery under the cuff and inside the collar of our shirts. We use a variety of contrasting stitches and colours for the buttons to add to the originality of the final product. The cuffs, as well as the inside of the collar, are trimmed with contrasting fabrics and specialties that are always tasteful and sometimes fun to add to the subtlety of our shirts. All these different design techniques all start on our premium cotton canvas. We use the highest quality soft jacquards, woven cottons and cotton sateens from around the world.Au Noir shirts are cut for the body, they drape well over the shoulders, under the arms allowing elegance and freedom of movement. The quality of the fabric and the fit come first. This is present not only in our shirts, but in our entire menswear collection.Based in Montreal, Canada, the fashion capital of North America, our collection is entirely styled and developed in-house. Our jackets are 360 stretch, soft and stylish for an unparalleled look and comfort. The implementation of a variety of stitching techniques, button placement and contrasting inner linings are some of the reasons why our jackets have stood out and revolutionized the mens sports jacket industry in our market.In 2019 Au Noir acquired Empire Shirt a century-old Quebec manufacturer with over 100 jobs to create a synergy with the goal of manufacturing these high-end products locally. CONFIDENT | SOPHISTICATED | DARINGJonathan Sibony434 - FALL 2022'