b'18|IET Futures FundEverything I do as an engineer I do as part of a team. Having a Diamond Jubilee Scholarship means I am part of a group of scholars who I know will be interested in extending their engineering experience. I have been able to become more assertive and more entrepreneurial, taking part in challenges like MAKEathon with another Diamond Jubilee Scholar.Financially, the scholarship has helped me to focus on learning, and meant I can afford to set aside funds to buy materials to use on the universitys 3D printer, extending my practical experience.This practical experience came in very useful when Nikita and team-mates won the Cambridge MakeIT Fruit & Veg MAKEathon. Their product idea for low-cost eco-friendly packaging to reduce damage to produce on the way to market caught the judges eye.NikitaSince their win the team have joined the Centre for Global Equality (CGE) Cultivator Program and Nikita Kamathhas been researching how smallholder farmers in Uganda could make use of their ideas.My childhood was in India and I have seen how a lack of resources impacts farmers. I wanted to do MEng Engineering something practical to help. But we also want to work with the farmers as we dont want to create University of Cambridge the wrong change.Diamond Jubilee ScholarshipI focus a great deal on AI in my degree, the supported by the Royal Commissionscholarship means I can diversify my skills, enabling of the Exhibition of 1851 me to take part in activities like this.'