b'Mold Monster is toughmade withnatural on musty odors from TEA TREE mold and mildew buildup!OIL Non-toxic Environmentally friendly Erases mold & Antimicrobial stagnant waterMold Monster odors fromWasher Treatment washingworks as an antisepticencapsulating odor-causingmachines &mold, mildew, bacteria anddishwashers!other micro-organisms.Kills foul smelling fungusHE and non-HEin your washerfront and top loadingdrum and lines! Great in non-ultrasonicPart #77403 humidiers, too!UPC 8 46351 07740 3This 32 oz. bottle provides up to16 washer/32 dishwasher treatmentsDishwashers: Washing Machines:Add to your empty Add to pre-wash compartment andwasher and run for one cycle with no clothes run on hot/sani-rinse, for 1 cycle within washer. Leave door open to dry after cycle no dishes. Repeat every two weeks.has completed. Repeat every two weeks.Sales@MoldMonsterProducts.com Safe for your machines:1-848-888-3060www.moldmonsterproducts.com Metal, plastic, any surface!MANUFACTURED BY: NO BLEACH or harmful chemicals!MOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC MADE IN USAWest Long Branch, NJ 07764'