b'NEWGALLONSIZE!KILLS ODORS,MOLD & MILDEWCAUSED BY SWEATON SPORTS GEARmade with Deodorizesnatural and disinfectsTEA TREE sweaty gear andOIL sports equipment.Mold Monster works as an antiseptic encapsulating odor-causing mold, mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms.Kills foul smelling fungusat the source! Non-toxic Environmentally friendly AntimicrobialEliminates odors and keeps equipment clean until the next workout.Sales@MoldMonsterProducts.com Net Fill: 128 \x1foz.1-848-888-3060 Case Pack: 4www.moldmonsterproducts.com Part # 77700GallonMANUFACTURED BY:MOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC MADE IN USAWest Long Branch, NJ 07764'