b'made withnaturalTEA TREEOILNon-toxic Environmentally friendly AntimicrobialDestroysmusty odors!Kills mold & mildew!Erases mold andwater damage odorsfrom any surface!Use on any area a\x1fected bymold or water damage.car interiors, headliners, carpets,upholstery, furniture.Mold Monster is tough on telltale odors fromPart # 77724mold, mildew and water damage, but so easy to usejust spray and walk away! Mold MonsterThis is not an air freshener. apply directly toworks as an antisepticsmelly surfaces and fabrics! encapsulating odor-causing Also works on curtains, bedding, clothing, jackets, handbags, luggage. mold, mildew, bacteria and Eliminates odors and makes surfaces mold and mildew free. other micro-organisms.Kills foul smelling fungusat the source!Sales@MoldMonsterProducts.com Safe to use on any material:1-848-888-3060www.moldmonsterproducts.com Fabric, plastic, foam, vinyl!MANUFACTURED BY: NO BLEACH or harmful chemicals!MOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC MADE IN USAWest Long Branch, NJ 07764'