b'Tired of lingering smoke odors?Kill all types of tobacco smoke odorswith no harmful chemicals!Eliminates the odor of any type of smoke from fabrics or surfaces contaminated by powerful smoke stink!Use on anyarea yourstinky smokehas come intocontact with.clothing handbags luggage curtains, beddingSmoke Eater Smoke Eater Smoke EaterCucumber Melon Fresh Grapefruit Sea Breezecarpets22 oz. 22 oz.22 oz. Part # 70804 Part # 70811 Part # 70828furniture8-50002-07080-4 8-50002-07081-1 8-50002-07082-8 car interiorsSafe for useon handsand hair, too! 4 oz size is perfect to storein a purse locker,or glove box!Smoke Eater Smoke Eater Smoke Eater Smoke Eater Smoke Eater Smoke EaterTea Tree Lavender Chamomile Black Glacier Tea Tree Lavender Chamomile Black Glacier22 oz. 22 oz.22 oz.4 oz. 4 oz.4 oz. Part # 77922 Part # 77946 Part # 77939 Part # 77601 Part # 77625 Part # 776188-46351-07792-2 8-46351-07794-6 8-46351-07793-9 8-46351-07760-1 8-46351-07762-5 8-46351-07761-8Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12Packed in aMFR BY:MOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC tear-away topDelray Beach, FL 33444 display tray orders@MoldMonsterProducts.com Also available in a1-848-888-3060 VARIETY PACKMADE IN USA www.moldmonsterproducts.com case of 12'