b'Air and SurfacePurifying SprayEliminates smoke and other odors on surfaces and fabrics inCommercial and Geriatric CareFacilities, Hotels, CarpetFurnitureCurtainsBeddingeven Auto Detailing! In autos: Spray directly on headliner, carpets and seats.Smoke Eater Pro Smoke Eater Pro Smoke Eater Pro Smoke Eater Pro Smoke Eater Pro Smoke Eater ProBlack Glacier Lemon Fresh Spring Fresh Linen Lavender Chamomile Sandalwood Vanilla Sea Breeze16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz.Part # 70422 Part # 70101 Part # 70446 Part # 70453 Part # 70675 Part # 70682UPC 850002070422 UPC 850002070101 UPC 850002070446 UPC 850002070453 UPC 850002070675 UPC 850002070682Smoke Eater is tough on all types of odors, butSmoke Eater eliminates smoke and other odors so easy to usejust spray generously on anyon surfaces and fabrics without rinsing or wash-surface or fabric and let dry naturally! ing. Use on any area odor has come into contact with.This is not only MANUFACTURED BY: Not a mask,Mold Monster Products, LLCan air freshener.West Long Branch, NJ our innovativeyou can also apply 07764 formuladirectly to eliminatessmelly surfaces odors at theand fabrics. MADE IN USA molecular level.'