b'Dont leta minor rebecome amajor disaster!CALL 911then use THEFIREMANFIRE SUPPRESSORUSE IN HOME, KITCHEN, AUTO, BOAT,RV, GARAGE, FIREPLACE, CAMPING!FIGHTS 4 TYPES OF HOME FIRES Part # 79001CLASS A: wood, paper, cloth, rubber, plastic STOPS FIRE FAST!CLASS B: ammable liquids, oils, gas, paint EASY TO USE,CLASS C: electrical equipment & wiring EASY TO CLEAN UPCLASS K: combustible grease & cooking oil Can be operated Environmentally friendlyNon Toxic BiodegradableNon Corrosive with one hand!Sales@MoldMonsterProducts.com1-848-888-3060www.moldmonsterproducts.comDIST. BYMold Monster Products, LLC Division of 7th Floor LLC MADE IN USA121 Highway 36, West Long Branch, NJ 07764'