b'Tired of lingering smoke odors?Kill all types of tobacco smoke odorswith the natural power of Essential Oils!Use on any area your skunky smoke has come into contact with. clothing, handbags, luggage, curtains, bedding, carpets, furniture, car interiors.Safe for use on hands and hair, too! Agent 420 Agent 420 Agent 420 Agent 420Tea Tree Lavender Chamomile Black Glacier Blue Jasmine22 oz. 22 oz. 22 oz. 22 oz.Part # 77441 Part # 78073 Part # 78080 Part # 780978-46351-07744-1 8-46351-07807-3 8-46351-07808-0 8-46351-07809-75Eliminates the odor of any type of smokefrom fabrics or surfaces contaminatedby powerful smoke stink!MANUFACTURED BY:7th FLOOR, LLCWest Long Branch, NJ 07764MADE IN USA'