b'KILLS MOLD& MILDEWDESTROYS MUSTY ODORSThis nontoxic, nonammable and environmentally friendly formulakills odor-causing mold, bacteria, and foul smelling fungus at the source!Mold Monster eliminates odors and makes surfaces mold-free.Discover what Australias native people have known forthousands of years: Tea Tree Oil has many bene\x1fcial properties,including being one of natures strongest antiseptics!No Bleach! Works on any material!Use on fabric, canvas, nylon, plastic, foam, vinyl, caulking, paint, wood, metal, ceramic and more!Sport Label Part # 77700 In the home: basement, garage , kitchen, bathroom, laundry, attic, pet areasCarpets, blankets, pillows, blinds, curtains, drapes, cabinets, washing machines, showers, water dispensers & more!For stored items: luggage, holiday decorations, costumes, outerwearOutside the home: patio furniture, umbrellas, awnings, canopies In autos, RVs, boats: carpets, cushions, headliners, air conditioner lters, lifejackets On sports gear: gloves, boots, running shoes, helmets, shin pads, vests,ropes, straps, tents, sleeping bags, military equipmentJust spray it on! Perfect for hard-to-reach, hard-to-clean areas!Bryce Salvador,pro hockey player and NHL veteranI believe in this e\x1fective, Outdoor Label Part # 77717 natural product. I can safely useMold Monster for killing harmfulbacteria and smell from my kidsand my own hockey gear withoutNet Fill: 10 \x1foz. chemicals like bleach, ammoniaCase Pack: 6 or alcohol. It works! MANUFACTURED BY: orders@MoldMonsterProducts.comMOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC 1-848-888-3060West Long Branch, NJ 07764 www.moldmonsterproducts.comMADE IN USA'