b'made withNon-toxicnaturalEnvironmentally friendlyTEA TREEOILAntimicrobialErases mold andstagnant water odorsfrom washing machinesand dishwashers! Essential for anyCommercial Laundry!Mold Monster Washer Treatment HotelsLinen Companiesworks as an antiseptic encapsulatingodor-causing mold, mildew, bacteria andLaundromatsNursing Homes other micro-organisms.Kills foul smelling fungus at the source!Mold Monster is tough on musty odorsfrom mold and mildew buildupin your washer drum and lines.Add to your empty washer and run for one cycle with no clothes in washer. Leave door open to dry after cycle has completed. Repeat every two weeks.HE and non-HEfront and top loadingGreat in non-ultrasonic humidiers, too!Mold Monster also works in dishwashers.Part # 78042 Add to pre-wash compartment and run onhot/sani-rinse, for 1 cycle with no dishes. Sales@MoldMonsterProducts.com Safe for your machines:1-848-888-3060www.moldmonsterproducts.com Metal, plastic, any surface!MANUFACTURED BY: NO BLEACH or harmful chemicals!MOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC MADE IN USAWest Long Branch, NJ 07764'