b'FLIPmade with FLOPTEA TREEOILFRESHFOOTWEAR CLEANER &ODOR ELIMINATORUse on ip ops, sandals, sneakers, shoes, boots.Flip Flop Fresh eliminates embarrassing foot odor,dirt and grime. Just spray footwear surfaces,wait 30 seconds and wipe clean with a damp towel.Safe for use on rubber, cork, leather,plastic, foam and all types of fabrics!Safe for thewhole family!NO BLEACH ORHARMFUL CHEMICALS.All natural formulais even safe to use on skin!Made with Australian Tea Tree Oil,a Natural Defense against Germs & Bacteria!FLIP FLOP FRESH Up toPart # 77793 100 washesNet Fill: 4 oz. - Case Pack: 12 per bottle!MANUFACTURED BY: orders@MoldMonsterProducts.comMOLD MONSTER PRODUCTS, LLC 1-848-888-3060West Long Branch, NJ 07764 www.moldmonsterproducts.comMADE IN USA'