b'A multi-purpose rope travel device engineered to assure rescuers and access professionals are prepared for the most situations possibleCLUTCH reduces the effort required for hauling, descent, ascent, and progress capture operationsThe versatile CMC CLUTCH by Harkenenables more rope operations with one Industrial is a single wearable tool suitedtool than anything weve ever evaluated. for ef cient hauling, controlled lowering, smooth personal descent, easy ascending,The CLUTCH is the result of the design and reliable progress capture. Not only doesand product engineering collaboration it replace the hardware used in a traditionalby two experts with a collective 90 year raise/lower system for rescue operations,history in rope management under heavy it also serves as a personal descender withloads; CMC, a company with roots in the most ef cient ascending capabilityrescue and rope access and Harken of any product in its class. The CLUTCHIndustrial, a manufacturing company with roots in high-performance sailing. Unmatched preparednessMore re ned descents Ef ciency that improves and value The patented mechanical geometryperformanceThe CLUTCH combines the attributesinside CLUTCH and its ergonomicCLUTCH features a faceted of more expensive multipurposehandle, combine for better controlratcheting sheave of stainless steel devices with those of less sophisticatedthat provides secure rope holding wearable personal descenders. Rescueacross the load range in descent. and audible progress capture. It teams can carry less equipmentalso proves to be uncommonly while assuring theyre prepared foref cient on ascent or haul.even the most technical rescues.10'