b'CE Certi edThe Harken Industrial 27 mm Long-Span Access Rail system can be used for human suspension and fall arrest. The rails are tested by Noti ed Body, CE compliant under EN795.2012 Type D and CEN/TS 16415:2013. The trolleys are tested by Noti ed Body, CE certi ed under EN795.2012 Type B.(Product images not to scale)INMID-ENTRY1.LSIN9606.CLEARINMID-ENTRY3.LSINSTOP-OPEN.LSMid-entry connectorsEndstopThe track can be opened to insert orThe small and compact endstop remove trolleys at any point along thedesign is openable with a doubleIN158.CLEARline without removing the endstop usingsafety system. If desired, trolleys slugs rather than fasteners for easycan be inserted or removed atIN9608.CLEARinstallation. Two types of mid-entrythe ends of a line easily with the connectors are available for aluminum andinsertion or removal of a single pin.steel brackets for all single car models.IN1642.CLEARIN9565.CLEARINBRKT.1 INBRKT.2INLINK.ALINBRKT.3 INBRKT.4 INBRKT.AL INR27.LSINLINK.LS INPIN.LSINSTOP.LSTrolleysPart Length Width FitsNo. Description in mm in mm railIN158.CLEAR2-trolley without pinstop**10 3/42733/470IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS * 2 IN9606.CLEAR2-trolley** 10 3/42732 3/470IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS *IN9608.CLEARTrolley1322 3/470IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS * 5 3/16 IN9565.CLEARTrolley with pinstop1322 3/470IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS * 5 3/16 *To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR from end of part number. **IN158 and IN9606 trolleys do not work with turntables or mid-entry connectors. RailWeightPart LengthNo. Description Material ft/in m kg/m INR27.LSLong-span rail, clear*Anodized aluminum9\' 10 1/16"31.7*Available standard in clear-anodized. A wide range of optional specialty colors are available via request/special order. Ask your Harken Industrial rep for details.HARKEN INDUSTRIAL EXCEPTION: The Access Rail system may be used for human suspension and fall arrest.WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by Harken Industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum number of people working simultaneously on a span.37'