b"CE Certi edThe Harken Industrial PowerSeat is CE certi ed to the Machinery Directive and independently veri ed by Bureau Veritas.FAST FACTSThe PowerSeat is a mechanical ascender and haulerThe Powerseat is certi ed to be used as a powered ascender for access and for hauling and pulling. For example, it can be used for high angle rescue (when attached to an appropriate anchor), or in conjunction with a tripod for con ned space/winching operations.The PowerSeat can be used for single or tandem rescueThe PowerSeat is ideal for one person but can also be used in tandem rescue situations to a maximum working load of 273 kg (600 lb) for gas, 300 kg (660 lb) for battery.The PowerSeat wont overload even when the working load is exceededErgonomic design If the PowerSeat working load is exceeded, the gas engine is designed to stop. The PowerSeat is designedSimilarly, the electric PowerSeat has a cutoff to stop power to the winch. In either to stay in an upright position,case, the seat is designed to descend safely to the ground where the load can be conserving worker energy. reduced and operation restarted.FAQSAPPLICATIONS Q. What type of fuel does the gas PowerSeat use?A. The gas PowerSeat runs on unleaded gasoline Simple to use and idealwith a pump octane rating of 86 or higher. for moving heavy loads Q: How long does the fuel last in the gas PowerSeat?The PowerSeat ascender is ideal for aA: A full tank of fuel (0.6 L) allows approximatelywide range of applications including600 m (1968') climb distance at 273 kg (600 lb).wind turbines, building exteriors, search and rescue scenariosnotQ: What is the ascent speed?only as a powered ascender but alsoA: For the gas version, the rate of climb is 15 m per minute at 120 kg (42.2' per as a portable winch or hauler. minute at 265 lb). 11 m (36.1') per minute at 273 kg (600 lb). Rope access Q: What training is required? Can anyone use the PowerSeat? Rescue operations A: Use of the PowerSeat must meet the regulations of the nation and industry in which it is used. It is restricted to those certi ed for temporary work at height with accessConstructionand positioning systems using ropes. Renewable energy Q. What battery does the PowerSeat battery have and how long does the charge last? Telecommunications A. The PowerSeat battery has a 50.4V lithium-ion battery with a BMS (Battery Management System) to preserve its useful life. Certi ed IP54. In optimumFacilities management conditions this has a battery life of 550 m (1804.5') with a 125 kg (276 lb) load. Architectural Vessel maintenance Utilities, oil & gas TheatricalThis is not PPE equipment.Use in conjunction with a full fall-arrest system at all times.WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. The user must follow the manufacturers instructions for each component of the system, which must be provided to the user. The user must read and understand these instructions before using this equipment.Manufacturers instructions must be followed for proper use and maintenance. Alterations or misuse of this equipment, or failure to follow these instructions, may result in serious injury or death.15"