b'PROCEDURE. In the event of a defect covered by this limited warranty,authorized to modify, extend or enlarge this warranty that may the Owner shall contact one of Harken worldwide Distributors (see www. be extended, altered or varied by written instrument by Harken only.harkenindustrial.com or www.harken.com). If the product was originallyAPPLICABLE LAW. This warranty is governed by the laws of the State of purchased in European Union the Owner shall promptly contact the dealerWisconsin for all products originally sold outside the European Union. For that sold the product. To obtain warranty service for your Harken product,the products sold within the European Union this warranty is governed by the your specific and detailed claim must be reported to and received by Harken, inlaws of the Member State where the product was originally sold. The exclusive writing, in accordance with the terms of this warranty and within the applicablejurisdiction and venue for any court action commenced by you under or relating warranty period. Claimant must specify name, address, phone number, originalto this limited warranty or any implied warranty(ies) shall be decided in the sales receipt, pictures with a description of the application of the product, andCourts of Waukesha County, Wisconsin or in the competent European Union an explanation of the defect and conditions under which the product was used.State Member Court if the product was originally sold in European Union. The Owner is responsible for all expenses associated with transporting theOwner is informed that in the event Harken prevails in any court action, the product to and from Harken or a Harken dealer. If the examination of theclaimant shall reimburse Harken for the expenses, including attorney fees product and the warranty claim reveals that the defect is not covered by thisand expenses of litigation, reasonably incurred by Harken in defending warranty, you will be contacted and advised of the cost of repair of youragainst such claim.product. If you accept this estimate, the product will be repaired outside of this warranty. OTHER RIGHTS. Claimants acceptance of delivery of the warranted Harken DAMAGES OR OTHER COSTS. Except as expressly provided by this warranty,product constitutes acceptance of the terms of this limited warranty. This HARKEN SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL ORwarranty gives specific legal rights, and the claimant may also have other CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR OTHER COSTS, WHETHER THE CLAIM ISrights under the laws of the jurisdiction involved.BASED IN CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, including but not limited to anyENTIRE AGREEMENT. This document contains the entire warranty given costs, taxes, fees, levies or other expenses imposed by any location in whichby Harken in respect of your product and supersedes any and all oral or the product was originally sold. The foregoing statements of warranty areexpress warranties, statements or undertakings that may previously have exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies. Some jurisdictions do not allow thebeen made. Any and all warranties not contained in this warranty are specifically exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this limitationexcluded. There are no terms, promises, conditions or warranties regarding or exclusion may not apply to you. your product other than those contained herein. Harken specifically does not DISCLAIMER. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESSauthorize any person to extend the time or scope of this warranty or to create FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARISINGor assume for Harken any other obligation or liability with respect to Harken FROM A COURSE OF DEALING, USAGE OF TRADE, BY STATUTE ORIndustrial products.OTHERWISE, IS HEREBY STRICTLY LIMITED TO THE TERM OF THIS WRITTEN LIMITED WARRANTY. This Agreement is complete and shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to the Owner with respect to this product. In the event of any alleged breach of any warranty or any legal action brought by the purchaser based on alleged negligence or other tortious conduct by Harken, the Owners sole and exclusive remedy will be repair or replacement of defective materials as stated above. No dealer and no other agent of Harken is GENERAL WARNINGS 3. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the capacity or Maximum Working Load (MWL) of any piece of equipment. The maximum working load may be found in our catalog, on our website, or & INSTRUCTIONS through our Technical Service department. Loads above the MWL can cause the equipment to suddenly fail unexpectedly.4.Harken equipment is used in a wide variety of applications including Industrial products make work easier and can save valuable time.a line of products dedicated solely to the sport of sailing. The sport of However, there are inherent risks in using industrial productssailing has very different loading requirements compared to industrial and related equipment that must be respected in order to avoidapplications. Equipment is shown and described in a separate sailing an accident, damage to property, personal injury, or death. related catalog and website. Always use the industrial catalog and website WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS: You must carefully read, understand,for specifications and correct safety factors for non-sailing applications. and follow all warnings and instructions provided by Harken IndustrialContact Harken Industrial if you have any questions about this distinction.in order to avoid an accident. These warnings and instructions5. Do not use Harken equipment for human suspension unless are found on the equipment, in packaging, in our brochures, onproduct is specifically certified and labeled for such use. our website, or through our customer service department. Consult Harken Industrial technical service if you have any TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Even though Harken Industrial equipmentquestions regarding suitability for human suspension. appears simple and easy to operate (as intended by our design), our equipment6. Make certain that all related fasteners, connections, tethers, and should never be used unless you have a sufficient level of training andanchorage points follow industry regulations and match or exceed experience with load handling, or general experience in industries such as workmaximum working loads of Harken Industrial equipment.at height, rescue, or fall restraint, and with the equipment in particular. The7. Keep fingers, hands, hair, loose clothing, gloves, amount of training and experience depends on a number of factors: associatedand tools away from moving parts.equipment, regulations, the weather conditions, and the task you are trying to complete. If you have any doubt about your training or experience, do not use8.Before manipulating any piece of equipment, be sure that all the equipment. Please contact Harken Industrial or seek additional training. persons and objects are clear of moving components. AVOID ACCIDENT OR INJURY: Regardless of your skill level, in order9.Always follow a regular and formal procedure for inspecting to avoid an accident, damage to property, personal injury, or death: and replacing equipment and related fastenings. Document 1.Loads on equipment can be significant, and shock loading can quicklyall inspections. Follow instructions in the product manual multiply that load to extremely high levels. All persons selecting,for removing from service after shock loading.installing, using, or maintaining Harken Industrial equipment and10.Follow maintenance procedures specified in the manual to related fastenings must be aware and cautious of such loads. keep your equipment in optimum working order.2. Select appropriate Harken Industrial equipment by careful analysis11.Be sure all products and related safety equipment and of published loading and relevant loading factors. Consult with aelectronics are in good working order before using.structural engineer to confirm your choice. Always follow current12. Always have a rescue plan in place and the means to implement it regulations for your industry, and use formal risk assessment forfor operators working in human suspension or working at height. your project. See Safer Working Practice at www.harkenindustrial. Communicate that plan to users, authorized personnel, and rescuers.com. If you prefer, contact Harken Industrial directly.67'