b'FAST FACTSThe High Capacity Rigging Winches are both in-stock and built to orderThe High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 750 is an in-stock item and the High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 500 is built to order (with a 3-week lead time).Multiple drum materials available The High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 500 and 750 both come with aluminum or chrome drums, with othernishes available upon request. Please contact Harken IndustrialItaly at +39 (0)31 3523511 for details.Durability The High Capacity Drum Rigging Winches allow unlimited rope lengthStainless steel load-carrying gearsThe High Capacity Drum Rigging winches are able to pull an in nite and pins provide strength andlength of rope. The end of the rope does not dead-end on the drum.durability. High-load roller bearings reduce friction under load. The rollerHigh Capacity Drum Rigging Winch kits are adaptable for customized applicationsbearings are corrosion resistantBecause attachments andttings are used differently depending on and do not require lubrication. operational purpose, they are not included with the kit. This allows for more of a customized application of the kit. Harken Industrial can provide advice on the best attachment solution.Regular service maintenance keeps High Capacity Drum Rigging Winches working properlyService and winch maintenance must be in accordance with user instruction manual of thenal assembled system.46.2STGNA 46.2STGNC 40.2STGNA 40.2STGNCRopeMaximum Part Min Max Weight working load*No. Description in mm in mm lb kg lb kg40.2STGNAAluminum High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 5005/1681/21211.75.311025008 40.2STGNCChrome High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 5005/161/2121102500 46.2STGNAAluminum High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 7503/8107/822165375046.2STGNCChrome High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 7503/8107/82220.19.121653750*Per CE certified 2006/42/EC Machinary Directory Standards.Maximum working load for lifting & pulling load applications: 500 kg (1102 lb) for High Capacity Drum Rigging winch 500 and 750 kg (1653 lb) for Rigging winch 750. WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by Harken Industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load. 29'