b'OCEANICCABLE BLOCKSafely leading data cable & towed arrays overboardAligns the load for optimized cable trackingHarken Industrial Oceanic Cable blocks are used on research vessels to safely lead data cables and towed objects overboard. At only 19.3 kg (42.5 lb), the 500 mm (20") sheave-diameter block is light enough to align to the load, optimizing cable tracking.Durability Design Large diameter sheaveSideplates are constructed of hard- The blocks wide throat allows passageThe blocks open center helps move coat-anodized 6061-T6 aluminumof data cable terminals. The sheavesthe center of gravity toward the for strength, durability, and corrosiondurable, lightweight Nylatron materialshackle, improving the blocks ability resistance. They are PTFE-coated forhas high mechanical stiffness, resiststo align with the load. The sheaves a smooth surface. static electricity, and has excellent weargroove detailing can be designed to resistance. Helicoils add strength whilesuit speci c data cable diameters. plastic isolators are used to minimize corrosion between aluminum and stainless steel.56 Nylatron is a registered trademark of Polymer Corporation'