b'BALL BEARINGCAM CLEATSRemoves the risk of accidental releaseActual size Engage, hold, release rope easily under loadLargeNothing beats Harken Industrial Stainless eyestraps, colored Standard ball bearing cam cleats for a secureFlairleads, and fairleads guide Micro grip. Cleat engages rope with arope, with some releasing and downward snap of the wrist, keepsrecleating up to 90 degrees; it where you put it, and releasesadapter plates ensure optimal quicklyeven under high loads.cleating heights; wedge kits and Ideal for material handling andrisers improve cam angles.for use in exercise equipment and theatrical industries. CompositeStainless SteelAluminumProtective tooth design Engage and release easily Materials for differentEach rope size is held securely byCam cleats engage under maximumload rangesthe most number of teeth whichtension, hold securely, and releaseHard Lube-anodized aluminum squeeze, rather than cut into theinstantly under load. Multiple rowsor stainless steel for high loads. rope, greatly reducing wear. of UV-stabilized ball bearingsAlso available in lightweight, reduce friction. The cams V-shapeUV-stabilized composite for low-guides rope for easy entry. load applications. Contact Harken Industrial for more information.Rope Part Min Max Fasteners Max rated load Breaking loadNo. Description in mm in mm in mm lb kN lb kN468Micro aluminum cleat3/3221/46#8 RH4 RH1500.74001.8150Standard aluminum cleat1/831/212#10 FH5 FH2000.97503.3280Large aluminum cleat1/465/8161/4 FH6 FH5002.210004.5 491Large stainless steel cleat1/465/8161/4 FH6 FH5002.210004.5 65'