b'MATERIALS& PROPERTIESAluminumCarbo6061-T6: an aluminum alloy that has excellent corrosion resistanceCarbo Air pulleys feature lightweight,ber-reinforced, nylon-resinto air and salt water. It is an easily welded, tough alloy thatsideplates with a 60% higher MWL than stainless-reinforced Classic responds well to anodizing. pulleys. Lightweightber-reinforced Carbo-Cams are ideal for Bearings applications where weight is critical. The Carbo name comes from Bearing properties are functions of contact area, material type,an additive that gives pulleys their color and UV-resistance. bearing cages, and whether the bearing rolls or slides. Carbon black Carbon black is a color additive used in black Delrin ball bearings, Types: Ball bearings: very low-friction; low/medium-load capacity. block sheaves, and sideplates to protect against UV exposure.Roller bearings: low-friction; high-load capacity. Delrin is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.Sleeve bearings: medium/high-friction; extremely Torlon is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.C.C.high-load capacity.Bearing ef ciency (low-friction)Materials: Stainless steel is stronger than Torlon thermoplasticCaged and Torlon is stronger than Delrin acetal resin. BecauseDelrinTorlonStainlessrollersstainless is heavier and usually higher maintenance, Torlon isballs balls balls Uncaged used in most high-load applications. rollersContact Area: More contact between the bearing and the race increases friction, but also increases load capacity. Balls areSleeve loaded on small points, cylindrical rollers are loaded along theirbearinglength, and sleeve bearings are curved around the shaft so a large portion is in contact. Unlike balls and cylinders, sleeves areBearing load capacitynot prone to beingattened by extreme or static loads because they already conform to the curvature of the shaft.Motion (rolling, caged rolling, or sliding): Sliding bearings (known as sleeve, plain, full-contact, bushing, or journal bearings) are very high strength but have nothing to reduceRoller bearingBall bearing friction between contact areas. At most, they have a low-frictioncontact area contact area Caged rollerssleeve between the surfaces. Rollers and balls avoid almost all of this friction because they do not slide against the race, though they can come in contact with each other. Caged roller bearings are separated from each other to avoid this.Caged bearingsCaged bearings are roller bearings held in a cage that keeps themseparated from each other and parallel to reduce friction. Caged bearings are used in winches and Black Magic pulleys. CB trolley Black Magic sheave Uncaged rollersCaptive bearingsCaptive bearings are ball bearings that are contained so they wontspill during product maintenance. Black Magic pulleys have ball bearings held captive by the lip of the sheave. CB trolleys feature ball bearings held captive by a wire guide.Carbo Air pulley Carbo-Cam cleat4'