b'IN120 IN121IN153 IN152How does it work?Seats are mounted on four trolleys that run on parallel rails. Two of the trolleys have pinstops thatE2200 2722 2751 t into the holes in the rails. Two trolleys are free sliding.To adjust the trolley location, simply raise the two pinstops and slide to a new location.E2700 1621R27TrolleysPart Length Width Weight Fits No. Description in mm in mm lb g rail 22 mmIN120Slider trolley with pinstop3.3841.29330.20894.682751IN121Slider trolley with plain top3.3841.29330.20894.68275127 mm 1IN152Slider trolley w/3x M8 tapped holes51275/8420.51233R27 IN153Slider trolley w/3x M8 tapped holes and pinstop51275/8420.54246R27 1 Rail & AccessoriesPart Length Mounting hole spacing* Fasteners No. Description ft/in mm in mm in mm Endstop Trim cap Splice link22 mm 2751.600MMLow-beam pinstop metric rail1\' 11 5/8"0.6100#10 FH5 FH263/E220027222724 3 15/16 2751.1MLow-beam pinstop metric rail3\' 3 3/8"13 15/16100#10 FH263/E220027222724 5 FH 2751.1.5MLow-beam pinstop metric rail4\' 11 1/16"1.53 15/16100#10 FH5 FH263/E2200272227242751.2MLow-beam pinstop metric rail6\' 6 3/4"215/16100#10 FH5 FH263/E220027222724 3 5 FH 2751.3.6MLow-beam pinstop metric rail11 9 3/43.63 15/16100#10 FH263/E220027222724 2722Trim cap setE2200Endstop set27 mmR27.1MLow-beam pinstop metric rail3\' 3 3/8"13 15/161005/16 FH8 FH1522/E270016211619 R27.1.2MLow-beam pinstop metric rail3 11 1/4"1.23 15/161005/16 FH8 FH1522/E270016211619 R27.1.5MLow-beam pinstop metric rail4 11 1/161.53 15/161005/16 FH1522/E270016211619 8 FH R27.1.8MLow-beam pinstop metric rail5 10 13/161.815/161005/16 FH8 FH1522/E270016211619 3 R27.2MLow-beam pinstop metric rail6\' 6 3/4"23 15/161005/16 FHFH1522/E270016211619 8R27.2.5MLow-beam pinstop metric rail8\' 2 7/16"2.515/161005/16 FH8 FH1522/E270016211619 3R27.3MLow-beam pinstop metric rail9\' 10 1/16"33 15/161005/16 FH8 FH1522/E2700162116191621 Trim cap set E2700Endstop set*First mounting hole distance from end of track: 50 mm (1 31/32"). 49'