b'VR-12 RESCUE POLEWITH RECOVERY STRAPNo davit or winch requiredThe most affordable one-person rescue device for an unconscious MOBOn-deck crew members use the hand-heldRescue Pole with Recovery Strap has two 2.5 cm Rescue Pole to deploy the integral orange(1") web straps, with 10 alternating handles that Rescue Strap over the MOBs head and underfasten together so that one or two persons can the arms for a vertical recovery. Those crewlift singly or together. This is a good system if members then perform the recovery whileyou dont have a lifting davit. It can be used for remaining safe inside the bulwarks. The VR-12up to 2.4 m (8\') of freeboard with 1-2 persons.For use by 1 or 2 persons Simple operation Foam wrapThe Recovery Strap features two 2.5 cmStrap has a one-way slide-bucklePoles outer loop is wrapped (1") web straps with 10 alternatingthat will not back out. in foam for victim comfort and handles that fasten together allowingincreased pole buoyancy. The loop one or two persons to lift the manV cleat holds the lift lineis wrapped in a red UV protectant overboard out of the water. and keeps line out of the way. re ective cover with SOLAS tape.The pole is foam- lledberglass tubing with a strong 60 x 60 x 1.9 cm (2\' x 2\' x ") aluminum hoop that allows a single crew member to rescue a fully dressed person weighing up to 159 kg (350 lb). The pole allows MOB to be pulled close to the boat before deploying the strap. Up to 3.6 m (12\') reach.Can be re-rigged easily and quickly to Part Pole length PoleWeight perform additional rescues.No. Description ft m in cm lb kgIN147 Vertical Rescue Pole with Recovery Strap 12 3.6 1.25 3.2 17.5 7.9 Fully upgradable for use with C-HeroRescue Davit.WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by C-Hero in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load.62'