b'STATICATTACHMENTSSecure attachment and lashing pointsLong-Lasting Strength and DurabilityHarken Industrials experience withlightweight padeyes, to removable rope handling on yachts has led tosolutions. Other static attachments are the development of a wide variety ofavailable: eyestraps,xed, removable, attachment point productsfromand folding padeyes.simple eyestraps to high-strength, IN689 IN647 IN688Certi cation Material bene ts ApplicationsEN795.2012 Class A, ANSIThe IN647, IN688, and IN689 anchorsUse as an anchorage device, Z359.1 meets the requirementsare 316 stainless. The IN627, IN629allowing operators to work safely for human suspension accordingand IN648 are 17-4 PH stainless. Theat height. Padeyes are perfect for to BS7985:2009, SPRAT andIN647 has a mirrornish and is highlymounting pulleys and can be usedIRATA guidelines, when usedcorrosion resistant. All are suitable foras attachment points where needed.in pairs (except IN629). onshore and offshore installations.MaxBreakingMax Part A B Fasteners rated load* load number No. Description in mm in mm in mm kN kN of usersIN627Round2 1/4571/4 FH6 FH8.75352B IN629Round951/2 FH12 FH2496 3 3/45 IN647Round/polished3763/8 FH10 FH243 6AAIN648Round3763/8 FH10 FH17.5703 IN688Diamond3 1/8792511/4 FH6 FH7.8312IN689Diamond3 7/8982 5/16595/16 FH8 FH15.7563364 *= Breaking Load/4'