b'OUR PHILOSOPHY:SAFER, LIGHTER,MORE EFFICIENTHarken Industrials sailing heritage is key to our load handlingThe ease of handling and elegant simplicity also lends an and rope access innovations. Other manufacturers typicallyincredible amount ofexibility to our products. Harken Industrial increase load-bearing capacity and safety by adding morehas designed pulleys for hauling aircraft, and a winch system for and heavier materials. Redundancy increases this weighthandling heavy loads at height to eliminate the need for a crane. even more. Workers take risks and expend energy justEven our gas-powered Harken PowerSeat ascender is light to move, deploy, and operate oversized equipment. enough to carry for rescue applications, yet robust enough to handle everyday utility maintenance with ease. We are always up This strategy is impossible in sailing. Faster speeds and largerfor a challenge, looking for ways to improve working conditions, sails have exponentially increased the loads on modern yachts,and pushing ourselves as hard as we push our products.but users still demand products that are safe, lightweight, resistant to UV light and corrosive conditions, and easy toA Lasting Partnershipuse. Friction reduction is critical when small teams needAt Harken Industrial, we build more than products, we build to move huge loads. Wire rope has almost disappearedrelationships. When you partner with us you gain access to world-from the modern yacht, now replaced withber ropesrenowned service, two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in that are 15 times stronger than steel wire by weight. the US and Italy, in-house testing facilities for loads up to 100 tons, Harken Industrials kindred approach of taking the weight, friction,and professionals with decades of experience designing products and effort out of operations means equipment is more mobile,that stand up to the harshest conditions. Our team offers sales and workers are safer and more agile, and companies can completesupport from 11 of ces around the world and is backed by a wide jobs with smaller teams. Fiber rope is far easier to carry and fardistributor network. At Harken Industrial, we value our next project easier to handle for both humans and equipment. Lighter andwith you as much as ourrst, so we dedicate ourselves to making more ef cient equipment reduces strain on anchor points andsure you are satis ed with both the process and the end product.improves alignment with loads. These advantages translate intoContact us today to create a solution together.huge safety increases and major bene ts to the bottom line for industrial riggers, utility companies, and teams that work at height.2'