b'Compliant with EN795.2012 Type D, meets ANSIZ359. and is OSHA compliantHow does it work? Installation and maintenanceThe TR31 continuous rail and trolley systemThe system can be installed either at initial allows a fully-harnessed crew member,build or as a retro t. Flush clean with fresh safely tethered to the trolley, to movewater and mild detergent. It is important to freely along the rail during inspection andclean the trolley. Excessive build-up of grease, maintenance, or when assisting in pilotdirt, and salt will affect trolley movement.transfer. Rails can be either surface or stanchion mounted and are designed so theCorners - Horizontal bend Corners - Vertical benduser never has to unhook and rehook the tether as he moves around the deck.90IN201.CLEAR IN202.CLEARIN210.CLEAR IN212.CLEAR60IN204.CLEAR IN207.CLEARIN209.3M.CLEAR IN213.3M.CLEAR45H-73945 IN205.CLEAR IN208.CLEAR30IN211 IN203.CLEAR IN206.CLEAR548TR31 TrolleysPart Length Width Weight No. Description in mm in mm lbgIN210.CLEAR* Trolley2.6366.82.0652.320.56254IN212.CLEAR* Brake trolley2.7369.22.666.040.60270*To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR from end of part number. TR31 Rail & AccessoriesPart Bend radius Arc length** Weight Fasteners No. Description Bend information mm ft/in m lb mmgIN209.3M.CLEAR* Straight rail sectionStraight2009\' 10 1/16"38.473840M10IN213.3M.CLEARStraight rail section without holesStraight2009\' 10 1/16"8.493850 * 3 IN203.CLEARCorner railHorizontal 302000.170.57260M10 * 6 11/16" IN205.CLEARCorner railHorizontal 452000.220.77350M10 * 8 11/16" IN204.CLEAR* Corner railHorizontal 6020010 5/8"0.270.98440M10*IN201.CLEARCorner railHorizontal 9020014 3/16"0.361.39630M10 IN206.CLEARCorner railVertical 302000.180.60270M10 * 7 1/16" IN208.CLEARCorner railVertical 452009 1/16"0.230.81370M10 *IN207.CLEAR* Corner railVertical 6020011"0.281.03470M10*IN202.CLEARCorner railVertical 9020015 5/16"0.391.46660M10 548Endstop set0.1360(2.83"/71.8 mm)IN211Splice link with 10 mm holes0.05123H-73945Splice link with 10 mm threaded holes0.05324*To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR from end of part number. ** Arc length is to the inside of the radius. 43'