b'CE Certi edThe Harken Industrial 27 mm Access Rail system can be used for suspension and fall arrest. The rails are tested by Noti ed Body, CE compliant under EN795.2012 Type D and CEN/TS 16415:2013. The trolleys are tested by Noti ed Body, CE certi ed under EN795.2012 Type B.FAST FACTS1 2 3 Harken Industrial Access Rail is CE certi edThe trolleys are tested by Noti ed Body and CE certi ed under EN795.2012 Type B, meet ANSI Z359, and are OSHA compliant. The rails are tested by Noti ed Body and are EN795.2012 Type D compliant, meet Style ANSI Z359, and are OSHA compliant.The Access Rail system can beSkills learned while working with other mounted in 3 horizontal planes. Arail systems are transferablewheel toggle attachment can beThe training required to work with used for discrete over-edge parapetHarken Industrial Access Rail is limited. and inclined surface installations. Only a short training session to becomeWARNING! Avoid personal injury. Thefamiliar with this system is required to Access Rail System must be used with a fullensure safe installation. Harken Industrial body safety harness and/or working harnessoffers an approved installer training or chair that meets/ANSI EN813 andcourse. Contact your local Harken OSHA support standards. Industrial of ce for more information.1Backup trolley The Access Rail system can be Use a full-body safety harness attached bylanyard or rope to access trolley with pinstop. tted retroactivelyFull-body safety harness must meet/ANSIThe simplicity of the system means and OSHA support standards. Harken Industrial Access Rail can be installed on existing buildings.2Main trolleyUse a working harness or chair attached byThe Access Rail system is durable lanyard or rope to access trolley. Workingand provides smooth movement and harness or chair must meet/ANSI andprecise positioningOSHA support standards. The construction and materials used in the Harken Industrial Access Rail have created 3Tool service trolley a stronger system compared to others, Add an optional trolley and coupler towith smoother linear motion and precise work as your tool service carrier.positioning capabilities. The Access Rail is made of anodized, one-piece aluminum Access Rail systems by application components, ensuring corrosion resistance, Harken Industrial manufactures several rail systems for industrial, architecturallow maintenance, and a long working life.and commercial marine applications. The following matrix offers a quick method of selecting a rail type based on the work-at-height application.Certifications Industrial rail Fall Fall Rope access/ Work CEN/TSStatic strength* Max spantype restraint arrest suspension positioning EN 795:2012 16415:2013 (kN) between brackets 0.20.3R27 13 depending on configurationR27LS 22 3 m R32 22 0.3 m TR31 12 1.3 m*Static strength obtained by independent test.33'