b'PULLEYSHandle all sorts of load with easeHarken Industrial has a solution for any pulling problemHarken Industrial pulleys providewith options of single and double low-friction pulling power for anysheaves featuring ratchets, swivels, andbeckets. All Harken Industrial pulleys areber-rope application. Designed to be as lightweight and small as possible for thecerti ed to EN13157 Machinery Directive load capacity, they are easy to transportfor lifting goods and equipment. If you and install. Sheave diameters rangedontnd a pulley that meets your needs from 57150 mm (2 1/45 15/16") here, contact us about our full range.Carbo Air pulleys Classic Midrange Pulleys Black Magic Air pulleysThese high-strength, lightweightThese robust pulleys are ideal for handlingWith high strength-to-weight ratios pulleys are made of tough, reinforcedhigh loads. Free-running Delrin balland free-rolling, high-load roller composite. Free-running ball bearingsbearings roll onat races to allow fastbearings, Black Magic Air pulleys run on curved races, ef cientlyhaul and release under high or low loads. handle high dynamic and static dispersing load for a higher strength- loads where friction is an issue.for-size thanat races carry. Hexaratchet versions grip loaded ropes, relieving holding loads, while maintaining quick ease and haul with complete control. A switch on the side engages and disengages the ratchet mechanism.Delrin is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its af liates. 52'