b'ADDITIONAL FEATURESRescue can be performed by one personWeight: Shown below by productConstructed of anodized marine grade aluminum and stainless steel to stand up to harsh marine environments13.7 m (45\') long, 10 mm lift line with stopper ball and hook, 6 mm tension lineLong line to reach MOB Simple to operateBoom is long enough to clear tiresWorm gear and handle and fenders. Line is 13.7 m (45\')control boom swing.long; 10 mm lift line with stopper ball and hook, 6 mm tension line.Approximate overall sizePart Height Width Depth Davit length WeightNo. Description in cm in cm in cm ft m lb kgIN144.6FTRescue bitt-mount davit8120618.54715386\'8"23817.2IN161Rescue26.366.81025.625.15.52.5ush-mount bracketush-mount davit and IN161 bracket IN162Rescue52132164114.5374\'3"1.33817.2 VR-12 Rescue PoleSturdy construction Simple operationStrap has a one-way slide-buckleV cleat holds the lift line that will not back out. and keeps line out of the way.The pole is foam- lledberglass tubing with a strong 60 x 60 x 1.9 cm (2\' x 2\' x ") aluminum hoop that allows a single crew member to rescue a fully dressed person weighing up to 159 kg (350 lb). Can be easily and quickly re-rigged for additional rescues. The pole allows MOB to be pulled close to the boat before deploying the strap. Up to 3.6 m (12\') reach.Rescue strap automatically detaches from holding blocks and snaps when being secured to the person by cinching the slide-buckle.Foam wrapPoles outer hoop is wrapped in foam for victim comfort and increased pole buoyancy. The hoop is wrapped in a red UV protectantPart Pole length PoleWeightre ective cover with SOLAS tape. No. Description ft m in cm lb kgIN145123. Vertical rescue pole WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by C-Hero in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load.61'