b'LOKHEAD WINCH KITSRemove the risk of accidental releaseSelf-tailing winch kits are perfect for load hauling and rescue operationsThe LokHead is a proven high-load, low- while safety features such as locking jaws friction winch that is a perfect choice anywhereoffer complete protection against free fall a load needs to be lifted or lowered. Riggedor accidental release. The LokHead winch to a tripod, it can be used for con ned-spaceis available in two different certi ed kits: rescue operations, for load moving/hauling,The Fire/Rescue kit, which meets the NFPA and personnel hoisting. Its lightweight designStandard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment and use of an unlimited length ofber ropefor Emergency Services (NFPA 1983), and the make this self-tailing winch an ideal choicestandard kit, which is compliant with EN1496 whether used permanently mounted orfor Human Suspension and certi ed under portable. The ergonomic design reducesEN13157 Machinery Directive for lifting goods fatigue and optimizes operator strength,and equipment. Lightweight Reliable ErgonomicThe LokHead winch and mountingThe braking system controls descentEasy to rig and ef cient, the LokHead bracket can be incorporated intoand provides workers protectionmakes the most of the operators a rescue/lifting system withoutagainst free-falls. The encapsulatingefforts. The winch offers two gears; signi cantly increasing overall weight.jaw cover protectsngers and13.5:1 for low load/high speed use and clothing from catching in the winch. 39.90:1 for higher load applications.20'