b'CE Certi edCerti ed under EN13157 Machinery Directive for lifting goods and equipment.APPLICATIONS & MAINTENANCEFAQSSimple to use and ideal for diverse applications Q: What are my options Harken pulleys can be used in rope-handlingif I need a pulley that applications across many industries: isnt certi ed?A:Harken Industrial canLoad towing/securing CE certify additional pulleys in response to demand.Theatrical If you need a pulley thatCable laying is not listed, please contact info@harkenindustrial.com. Stunt work Q:Can these pulleys be Clearly labeled Maintenance is easy used with wire rope?The simple construction requires noA: T ypically the answer is no. Pulleys are engraved with partlubrication. Simplyush with freshContact Harken Industrial number, serial number, CE, EN testwater to keep bearings free rolling. to discuss your application.number, and max rated load (MRL).Q: What does Max Rated Load mean?A:This is the maximum load for which the equipment is designed by the manufacturer as de ned by the certi cation standard.RangeAll Harken Industrial pulleys listed below are CE certi ed for use withber rope.Maxber Part SheaveLength Weight Shackle pinrope * Max rated loadNo. Description in mm in mm lb g in mm in mm lb kNCarboIN2660Single Carbo swivel2 15/16755 3/81370.431951/469/16142241.25IN2661Single Carbo swivel w/becket2 15/16756 1/21650.472141/469/16142241.25 IN2662Double Carbo swivel2 15/167561520.884025/1689/16145622.5 Classic MidrangeIN1540Single Midrange3766 1/81560.813675/1689/161411245IN1544Double Midrange3767 1/21911.597235/1689/161415737IN1545Double Midrange w/becket3768 1/22161.657515/1689/161415737 IN1549SSP Single Midrange Hexaratchet3766 1/81560.883975/1689/161411245 Black MagicIN3226Single Black Magic swivel2 1/4574 11/161190.341541/467/161211245IN3215Single Black Magic swivel2 1/4574 11/161190.341521/467/161211245 IN3217Double Black Magic swivel2 1/4575 3/161320.743365/1687/161215747IN3214Single Black Magic loop**2 1/4573760.2927/16126743 IN3243Single Black Magic swivel2 15/16755 1/81290.743355/1689/16141348 6 IN3231Single Black Magic swivel2 15/16755 1/81290.733315/1689/1614224810IN3246Single Black Magic swivel3 15/1610082031.376233/8105/816337215IN3256Single Black Magic swivel4 15/16125102542.3310581/2123/419449520 IN3255Single Black Magic loop**4 15/1612561631.486743/419449520 IN3262Single Black Magic swivel5 15/16150123054.0518405/816125696931*Max wire ropeis dependent on wire construction and application. Please contact Harken Industrial for information.**Loop not included.Rated loads are 4:1 coefficient ratio of the type test load. WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the,manual provided by Harken Industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load.53'