b'CE Certi edStandard Kit is compliant with EN1496 for Human Suspension and certi ed under EN13157 Machinery Directive for lifting goods and equipment.Fire/Rescue Kit meets the NFPA Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services NFPA 1983 (2017 ED) T.FAST FACTSThe LokHead winch allows unlimited rope lengthThe LokHead winch is able to pull an in nite length of rope. The end of the rope does not dead-end on the drum.The LokHead winch kits are certi edThe standard kit is certi ed under EN13157 Machinery Directive for Versatile Driveexibility lifting goods and equipment, CE The winch is designed for use withThe winch can be driven manuallycompliant with EN1496 for Humanwith the provided B10AL handle.Suspension and the Fire/Rescue kitber rope 1012.7 mm (3/81/2") in diameter and unlimited rope length. Alternatively, use a compatiblemeets the NFPA Standard on Life power drill with the available powerSafety Rope and Equipment for tool adapter (for lifting goodsEmergency Services (NFPA 1983).or equipment only) to drive the winch. Not EN13157 compliant. The LokHead winch mounts to various structuresAPPLICATIONS & MAINTENANCE The LokHead winch can be mounted to the Harken Industrial Simple to use and ideal for diverse applications TelluMount (see page 22) and The LokHead winch can be used anywhere a load needs to be lifted orappropriately rated tripods using lowered. Rigged to a tripod, it can be used in con ned space rescuecompatible mounting brackets.operations, for load moving/hauling, and personnel hoisting.Care is easyCan beushed clean with fresh water.Annual maintenanceContact a Harken Industrial Certi ed Service Center for product maintenance and repair.21'