b'CE Certi edThe Harken Industrial 27 mm Long-Span Access Rail system can be used for human suspension and fall arrest. The rails are tested by Noti ed Body, CE compliant under EN795.2012 Type D and CEN/TS 16415:2013. The trolleys are tested by Noti ed Body, CE certi ed under EN795.2012 Type B.R27LS trolleys and accessories for curved rail installationsHarken Industrial introduces compact trolleys, accessories and three 90-degree curved rails for tight radius installations up to a 40 cm radius curve for R27LS systems.INR27-CURVECONCAVE.LSINCAR1-CURVEINR27-CURVEFLAT.LSINCAR2-CURVEINR27-CURVECONVEX.LSCompact trolleys Low maintenance ball bearings 90-degree curved railsThe condensed trolleys have a shackleTorlon ball bearings handle high loads,Three 90-degree curved rail or swivel top offering connectionreducing friction so the trolley movesoptions offer tighter corners with versality and ultimate safety for fallsmoothly along the rail. Bearingsa convex, concave orat body.arrest or rope access with the abilityremain captive when the trolleys to round tight corners. The trolley\'sare removed for maintenance.design helps prevent exterior dirt from getting inside the ball bearing system. INR27-CURVECONVEX.LSTrolleys 63 cmPart Length Width Fits 25 cm INTERNALNo. Description in mm in mm rail (9 27/32") radius INCAR1-CURVE* Single trolley with swing shackle (fall arrest/rope access)7/16873 5/3280IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS 3INCAR2-CURVE* Single trolley with swivel shackle (fall arrest)3 7/16875/3280IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS 3INR27-CURVECONCAVE.LS*To order black hardcoat-anodized, add (BLACK) to end of part number.63 cmEXTERNALRail 25 cm radiusPart Bend radius (9 27/32")Weight No. Description Material kg/m cmINR27-CURVECONCAVE.LSLong-span rail with concave curve**Anodized aluminum1.763INR27-CURVEFLAT.LS INR27-CURVECONVEX.LSLong-span rail with convex curve**Anodized aluminum1.76340 cm INR27-CURVEFLAT.LSLong-span rail withAnodized aluminum1.740MEDIUM at curve**25 cm**Only INCAR1-CURVE and INCAR2-CURVE trolleys can run on 90 curves. (9 27/32") radiusHARKEN INDUSTRIAL EXCEPTION: The Access Rail system may be used for human suspension and fall arrest.WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by Harken Industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum number of people working simultaneously on a span.39'