b'R32 ComponentsIN10459.CLRIN151.CLEARIN3198IN150.CLEARIN10448.CLEARIN3212.CLEARIN185.CLEARR32 TrolleysPart Length Width FitsNo. Description in mm in mm railIN150.CLEAR* Single trolley with pinstop7 3/81923 11/3285IN10459.CLR IN151.CLEAR* Single trolley19285IN10459.CLR7 3/83 11/32 IN10448.CLEAR2-trolley assembly/coupler15 3/163853 11/3285IN10459.CLR**To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR from end of part number.R32 Rail & AccessoriesMountingPart Length hole spacing FastenersNo. Description ft/in m in mm in mm Endstop Splice linkIN10459.CLR* Pinstop rail for countersunk fasteners9\' 10 1/16"33 15/161003/8 SHCS10 SHCSIN3212, IN185IN3198IN3198Splice link3 " 76 mm Purchase one splice link for each rail joint. IN10459 IN3212.CLEARRemovable endstop2 9/16"65 mm Purchase one endstop for each end of system rail.IN185.CLEAR* 32 mm rail endstop65 mm Purchase one endstop for each end of system rail.2 9/16" Use only endstops listed above. *To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR or .CLR from end of part number.HARKEN INDUSTRIAL EXCEPTION: The Access Rail system may be used for human suspension and fall arrest.WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by Harken Industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum number of people working simultaneously on a span.35'