b'C-HERO MOB RESCUE SYSTEMManufactured by Harken IndustrialPerform recoveries quickly and safely with this portable davit and rescue pole systemProven 3-minute underway man overboardenough to clear tires and fenders; the recovery. The portable lightweight manworm gear controls the boom swing. overboard lifting davit attaches to a bittTheush-mount davit system (Part No. on a tugboat or isush mounted on aatIN162) is designed forat surfaces. surface on a workboat or ferry. The RescueThe davitts into aush mount and is Davit system has straps and brackets onpinned with two tethered pins. The straps back of the unit to allow customization forand clamps, feet on the back, and side The Bitt-Mountany bitt. The davit is light enough for onestabilizers all come off so it willt into Rescue Davit System person to retrieve and carry into position.the mount. Theush mount davit system It attaches in less than 30 seconds. Onecomes with a reduced boom size. A mount small person on deck can hoist a 158.8for each side of the vessel is recommended. kg (350 pound) person aboard using the The Flush-Mountincluded Radial winch. The boom is longComplete either system with the VR Rescue Davit System 12 Rescue Pole, sold separately. Attaches quickly Adjustable feetIncludes winchThe bitt-mount system hasand stabilizers Bitt-mount davit system comes with adjustable straps with latch15.2 cm x 7.6 cm x 61 cma Harken Industrial 20STA Radial clamps for tightening. Straps(6\' x 3\' x 24") aluminum tubing holdwinch, with optional upgrade to and brackets on back of theadjustable feet and stabilizers (not35.2STA Radial 2-speed winch. The unit allow customization for anyrequired forush mount version). 35.2STA comes standard onush-bitt. Theush-mount systemmount davit system. Both systems attaches with removable pins.include rope brake and handle.60'