b'R27 ComponentsSIMPLE TO USE AND IDEAL FOR DIVERSE APPLICATIONSThe 27 mm and 32 mm Access Rail systems have a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of industries: Construction/steel frame and envelope projectsArchitectural/building survey Renewable energy/blade cleaningVessel maintenance Facilities management/asset integrity inspectionsStage management,lming and rigging Fall arrest/rope access (when two trolleys are used)IN9565.CLEARIN9561.CLEAR IN9606.CLEARIN1642.CLEARIN1643.CLR IN9608.CLEARH-50547IN1649IN10567.CLEARIN1650.CLRIN1651IN10614.CLEAR IN10615.CLEARR27 TrolleysPart Length Width FitsNo. Description in mm in mm railIN9606.CLEAR* 2-trolley10 3/42732 3/470IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LSIN10567.CLEAR* 2-trolley with wheel toggle10 3/42735 15/16150IN1643, IN1650IN9565.CLEARTrolley with pinstop5 3/161322 3/470IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS *IN9608.CLEARTrolley5 3/161322 3/470IN1643, IN1650, INR27.LS *IN10614.CLEAR* Trolley with wheel toggle & pinstop5 3/161325 15/16150IN1643, IN1650*IN10615.CLEARTrolley with wheel toggle5 3/161325 15/16150IN1643, IN1650 *To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR from end of part number. R27 Rail & AccessoriesMountingPart Length hole spacing FastenersNo. Description ft/in m in mm in mm Endstop Splice link/railIN1643.3M.CLR* HL rail pinstop, clear9\' 10 1/16"33 15/161005/16 FHIN1642.CLEAR*, IN9561.CLEARIN1649/8 FH*IN1643.3.6M.CLR* HL rail pinstop, clear11\' 9 3/4"3.63 15/161005/16 FH8 FHIN1642.CLEAR*, IN9561.CLEAR* IN1649/ IN1650.3M.CLRRail for SHCS fasteners, clear9\' 10 1/16"33 15/161005/16 SHCS 8SHCSIN1642.CLEAR*, IN9561.CLEARIN1651/* *IN1650.3.6M.CLRRail for SHCS fasteners, clear11\' 9 3/4"3.63 15/161005/16 SHCS 8 SHCSIN1642.CLEAR*, IN9561.CLEARIN1651/* * IN10630.CLR* HL rail for 3.04 m, 80 mm hole space9\' 11 11/16"3.043 5/32805/168 Endstop with adjustable pin (sold IN1642.CLEAR* 2 5/16"59 mm 5/16 FH 8 FH /IN1643 individually) IN9561.CLEAREndstops (sold in pairs)2 1/4"57 mm /IN1650 *IN1649Splice linkPurchase one splice link for each rail joint /IN1643IN1651Splice linkPurchase one splice link for each rail joint /IN1650H-50547Coupler platePurchase to connect tool trolley to access trolley Use only endstops listed above. *To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR or .CLR from end of part number. 34'