b"R27 Long-span Access Rail Mounting AccessoriesPart FastenersNo. Description Material in mm IncludesINBRKT.1Bracket *Stainless steel3/8 - 7/16M10 - M121 bracket, 1 double-hole insert, 2 screws, 2 washersINBRKT.2Bracket S*Stainless steel3/8 - 7/16M10 - M121 bracket, 1 single-hole insert, 1 screw, 1 washerINBRKT.3Bracket L*Stainless steel3/8 - 7/16M10 - M121 bracket, 1 single-hole insert, 1 screw, 1 washerINBRKT.4Bracket C*Stainless steel3/8 - 7/16M10 - M121 bracket, 1 single-hole insert, 1 screw, 1 washer INLINK.LSStructural connectorStainless steel1 complete connector, 2 INPIN.LS INBRKT.ALLow-pro Anodized aluminum3/8 - 7/16M10 - M121 bracket, 2 stud screwsle bracket INLINK.ALLow-pro Anodized aluminum3/8 - 7/16M10 - M121 connector, 10 stud screws, 2 INPIN.LSle connector INMID-ENTRY1.LSOpening connector for aluminum bracketsAluminum/stainless steel3/8 - 7/16M10 - M121 mid-entry connector for aluminum bracketsINMID-ENTRY3.LS3/8M101 mid-entry connector for steel brackets Opening connector for steel bracketsAluminum/stainless steel INSTOP.LSFixed endstopStainless steel1 endstop, 2 M6 self-threading screwsINSTOP-OPEN.LSOpening endstopStainless steel1 endstop, 2 M6 self-threading screws IN1642.CLEAREndstop with adjustable pin (sold individually) *INPIN.LSAlignment pin * Stainless steel1 pin (order 2 INPIN.LS for each rail section)H-50547Coupler plate * *Mounting bracket centers: Fall Arrest: 3 meters (10'); Rope Access/Suspension: 1.5 meters (5').**To mount this endstop, drill and tap a 10 mm hole on the rail.To order black hardcoat-anodized, remove .CLEAR from end of part number.R27 Long-span Access Rail TurntablesTurntables allow users to easily change trolley directions without disconnecting from the rail system. INTURN1.LS allows 90 directional changes. INTURN2.LS is designed for T rail layouts and 180 or 90 directional changes. Both options are tested by Noti ed Body and compliant with EN795:2012 Class D.Trolley directional change using turntable.INTURN1.LS INTURN2.LSPartNo. Description Material Mounting accessories IncludesINTURN1.LSAluminum/stainless steelAll R27 LS brackets Turntable L4 INPIN.LS INTURN2.LSAluminum/stainless steelAll R27 LS brackets6 INPIN.LS Turntable T Double trolleys (IN9606.CLEAR) cannot be used with the turntable. Two single trolleys must be used.HARKEN INDUSTRIALEXCEPTION: The Access Rail system may be used for human suspension and fall arrest.WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by Harken Industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum number of people working simultaneously on a span.38"