b'CE Certi edThe CMC CLUTCH by Harken Industrial is certi ed under EN 12841:2006/C, EN 341:2001/2A, EN 15151-1: 2012/8, ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2013 and NFPA 1983 (2017 ED).FAST FACTSThe CLUTCH is certi edThe only 10.5-11mm rope diameter compatible device certi ed to NFPA 1983 (G-Rated), ANSI Z359.4 and EN 12841/C, 341/2A, and 15151/8 (up to 200m/240kg). CLUTCH is also an ascenderIt has been called the best ascending descender on the market. Technicians report not having to change out equipment in the middle of an operation.Designed to beCLUTCH incorporates advanced security features intuitiveand safeIts opening side plate is secured with a patented, two-step CLUTCH is designed for ef cient operation,safety actuation. CLUTCH has a force-limiting sheave for ease of use and optimal control. Itsoverload protection. An Anti-panic function automatically locks innovative double-latched side plate isthe device during descent if the handle is pulled too far.independent of the devices attachment point and resists inadvertent opening. Rescuers and access professionals can change rope without disconnecting.Rope Part Min Max Width Height Weight Maximum rated load No. Description in mm in mm in mm in mmlb kg 2-person IN401CMC CLUTCH by Harken Industrial13/3210.57/16114 13/321128 1/322041.850.84Refer to manual for speci cload rating per standardWARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. You must carefully read, understand, and follow all of the warnings and instructions in the manual provided by Harken Industrial in order to avoid an accident. Never, under any circumstances, exceed the maximum rated load. 11'